Halloween Safety Tips Offered To Parents

(Washington, DC) -- Twice as many child pedestrians on average are killed on Halloween than any other day of the year. That's the word from Safe Kids Worldwide. Kate Carr is the President and CEO of the organization, and offers some safety tips to parents.
Carr says parents should talk to their kids ahead of time to remind them about basic safety tips like looking both ways before crossing the street. She also recommends parents accompany kids who are younger than 12-years-old while they are trick or treating. Safe Kids works to educate parents on preventing accidental injuries involving children.
Additional Audio:
Safe Kids Worldwide President and CEO Kate Carr says 12-percent of the parents Safe Kids talked to for a survey admitted to letting their kids as young as five-years-old trick or treat without supervision.
Carr says there are a few simple steps drivers can take on Halloween night.