Baldwin May Quit Show Biz, Says MSBNC Show Might Be Over

(New York, NY) -- Alec Baldwin is facing hard facts about his future at MSNBC and show business in general. Suspended by the network after a series of verbal attacks against the paparazzi last week, the "30 Rock" actor now says his MSNBC talk show might not come back. In a lengthy statement on "The Huffington Post," Baldwin hinted that his brief run with the cable news network might be over but said he didn't have any hard feelings. He also threatened to quit the business altogether if that means bringing safety and peace to his family. Baldwin suggested that New York City officials do more to curb intrusive paparazzi. He also defended himself against accusations that he used homophobic slurs, calling himself a longtime supporter of gay rights.
MSNBC suspended Baldwin's Friday night show "Up Late With Alec Baldwin" last Friday for two weeks after the actor's run-ins with several photographers. Baldwin earlier apologized for using a homophobic slur against a photog calling his actions "offensive and unacceptable."