White House Tech Officials Grilled About HealthCare.Gov

(Washington, DC) -- Top White House technology officials are being grilled in Congress as they testify about the troubled launch of the HealthCare.Gov website. Chief White House tech officer Todd Park called the launch frustrating and unacceptable.
Henry Chao , deputy chief information officer for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, testified that officials underestimated the volume of users at the time of the October 1st launch. He said that led to a series of "unanticipated problems" which are being addressed as various glitches are fixed.
Opening the hearing, California Republican Darrell Issa called the rollout a huge failure. Issa chairs the House Oversight Committee. Issa accused the administration of cutting corners for political purposes. Issa also warned about security flaws and said hackers may be able to exploit vulnerabilities within the HealthCare.Gov site.
Additional audio:
Chief White House tech officer Todd Park says the launch had many problems.
California Representative Darrell Issa says the administration was trying to cut expenses on the website.
Issa says the rollout was a huge failure.