Pediatrics Academy Issues Guidelines On Prescribing Antibiotics For Kids

(Undated) -- Pediatricians are being urged to avoid over-prescribing antibiotics for their young patients and contributing to the problem of antibiotic resistance.
Dr. Mike Macknin is with the Cleveland Clinic. The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates doctors write ten-million antibiotic prescriptions every year for upper respiratory infections that don't require this kind of medication. Writing in the journal "Pediatrics," they say exceptions include ear or sinus infections and strep throat. Pediatricians should weigh the benefit versus the potential harm of prescribing antibiotics for these types of infections since side effects can include diarrhea and allergic reactions. It's also important to prescribe the correct dosage and to have the child take the antibiotic for an appropriate length of time.
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Dr. Mike Macknin with the Cleveland Clinic agrees with researchers who hope the guidelines will help parents understand why their child may not be prescribed antibiotics.