Cornyn Pushes Immigration Legislation Amid Border Crisis

(Washington, DC) -- Texas Republican John Cornyn is pushing legislation that would streamline how the U.S. deals with unaccompanied kids coming across the border from Central America. The Senate Minority Whip said on Wednesday that his bill would ensure all migrant children will be treated fairly under the law.
Cornyn's bill would expedite immigration hearings for minors and treat children from all countries the same. He says the current immigration system has led to a backlog in hearings and the "warehousing" of migrants in makeshift detention centers in several states. Under Cornyn's bill, unaccompanied minors waiting for hearings would be placed in the care of federally-approved sponsors, instead of being locked up in overcrowded facilities.
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Texas Republican John Cornyn says his immigration bill is fair, but tough.
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