Four Acts Eliminated On First \"X Factor\" Live Show

(Undated) -- Simon Cowell is playing up the drama for this season's first "X Factor" live show. He cut things down to the wire with just seconds on the clock when forced to eliminate an act from his team. One group he did choose was the male trio he created called Restless Road, who performed Katy Perry's "Roar."
Unfortunately, not everyone was a champion. One act from each of the four teams was cut on Tuesday night's episode. Simon parted ways with the sister girl group Roxy Montana. For the first time, viewers got to chime in. The show kept a running log of each act's hashtags on Twitter and Instagram throughout the show, to help the judges make their choices. Demi Lovato's group of girls was the first to perform live. Rion Paige stunned with her performance of Demi's own song "Skyscraper," and Danie Gaimer got the boot.
On the Over 25s team, Kelly Rowland told Lillie McCloud she had the strongest voice on the show, after she performed "When A Man Loves A Woman." She was forced to let go of alt-rock singer James Kenny to keep her on. As for Paulina Rubio's team of boys, Carlito Olivero played up his Latino side with "Maria Maria" and Paulina said goodbye to Josh Levi. Next Tuesday, the power will be in the hands of America as the acts sing for survival. On Thursday, they can a "Meet The Final 12" special on Fox to learn more about the singers.
"X Factor" Final 12:
Simon Cowell's Groups:
Alex & Sierra
Restless Road
Sweet Suspense
Demi Lovato's Girls:
Ellona Santiago
Khaya Cohen
Rion Paige
Paulina Rubio's Boys:
Tim Olstad
Carlito Olivero
Carlos Guevara
Kelly Rowland's Over 25s:
Jeff Gutt
Lillie McCloud
Rachel Potter
Additional Audio:
Rion Paige sings Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper."
Carlito Olivero sings "Maria Maria."
Lillie McCloud sings "When A Man Loves A Woman."
Alex and Sierra sing "Blurred Lines."