Gaga Brings Fake Vomit, Dedicates Encore To SXSW Accident Victims

(Austin, TX) -- Never short on shock or spectacle, Lady Gaga delivered the gross-out factor during her performance at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas Thursday night. In addition to an erotic display involving a mechanical bull-like pig with a ball gag, the pop star brought a friend on stage during her performance of the song "Swine" and allowed that friend to vomit colored liquid all over her. That came after Gaga, dressed in a black bikini and fishnet stockings, was wheeled onstage, hog-tied to a roasting spit. The singer also doused herself with beer and sprayed the crowd with water from a bottle. Her set also included a fiddled rendition of her hit "Bad Romance" and a moving performance of her song "Dope," while splattered in paint.
Gaga did reserve a few moments of her shocking showcase to acknowledge the victims of the horrific accident that claimed the lives of two people and wounded 24 others just a block away from where she was performing early Thursday morning. She dedicated her encore to the victims of the tragedy before playing an emotional version of her song "Gypsy." The performance came ahead of her scheduled delivery of the keynote address at South By Southwest on Friday.