Judge Denies Donald Sterling's Attempt To Block Clippers Sale

(Los Angeles, CA) -- A judge is denying Donald Sterling's attempt to block the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers. Monday's ruling came as a shock to Donald's lawyer Max Blecher
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The judge in Los Angeles Monday ruled against Donald, saying his wife Shelly had acted appropriately when she negotiated the sale of the Clippers. Shelly Sterling had agreed to sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for two-billion dollars after she said two doctors ruled Donald Sterling was mentally unfit to act as the voice of the family trust. Donald Sterling had claimed his wife worked in conjunction with the NBA and the doctors to deceive him. Shelly Sterling said outside court she's relieved the situation is over, and she hopes to reconcile with her husband. The tentative ruling would allow the sale to Ballmer to go forward, even if Donald Sterling's attorneys appeal Monday's ruling. Donald Sterling has a separate, ongoing lawsuit against the NBA over his lifetime banishment for racially-themed remarks he made to a girlfriend.
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Blecher says Donald Sterling was right to think that there was a conspiracy against him.
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Shelly Sterling's attorney Pierce O'Donnell says Monday's ruling should keep Donald from filing any more lawsuits.
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O'Donnell says Shelly Sterling is owed a great debt of gratitude for trying to heal the community with the sale of the Clippers following her husband's controversial comments.
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