Kate Winslet Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

(Hollywood, CA) -- Actress Kate Winslet is now among Hollywood's elite on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The Academy Award winning actress was joined by two of her "Titanic" pals, co-star Kathy Bates and director James Cameron, for her Walk of Fame ceremony in front of the W Hollywood Hotel Monday. Winslet says she's lucky to have worked with some great actors and actresses over her career, saying they have made her who she is today. She paid special tribute to many of her "Divergent" co-stars who were on hand for Monday's ceremony, saying it was great to work with so much young talent and that the future of Hollywood is bright. Winslet began acting when she was 13 but became known around the world in 1997 when she portrayed Rose in James Cameron's "Titanic" opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. She's been nominated for an Academy Award five times and won Best Actress in 2009 for her role in "The Reader." Her other movies include "Heavenly Creatures," "Sense and Sensibility," "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," and "Finding ." She has a starring role in the young-adult movie "Divergent" due out this Friday.
Additional audio:
Winslet says working with some of Hollywood's brightest stars has helped her become the actress she is today.
Winslet joked about Los Angeles having an earthquake the morning of her Walk of Fame star unveiling.
"Titanic" co-star Kathy Bates jokingly gave Kate some gifts to help her take care of her Walk of Fame star.
"Divergent" co-star Woodley says she learned a lot from Kate during their time on the set of "Divergent."
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