Kim Goldman: I Could Have Killed OJ

(Undated) -- The sister of murder victim Ron Goldman says she once came close to running down O.J. Simpson in a parking lot after his acquittal for her brother's murder. Kim Goldman says she only stopped because she didn't want to be labeled a killer like the man she blames for Ron's death. Goldman talks about this and how the death of her brother still haunts her in her new memoir "Can't Forgive: My Twenty Year Battle with O.J. Simpson." The book, published Tuesday, also details Goldman's ongoing legal pursuit of the former football star who was acquitted of killing Ron and Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, almost 20 years ago. Following the trial, Goldman's family pursued Simpson in civil court and won 33-and-a-half-million dollars in damages. They have yet to see much of that claim but Goldman says they will continue to fight for it.
Simpson is currently behind bars in Las Vegas for a 2008 armed robbery conviction. Goldman says she sent him a card behind bars congratulating him on his new "home."