Lady Gaga Talks Performance Art, Ugliness At SXSW Keynote

(Austin, TX) -- Lady Gaga says her barf-fueled performance at the South By Southwest festival Thursday night was all about "live art." Just 12 hours after the pop star's controversial showcase, she took to the South By Southwest stage again Friday to deliver the festival keynote address. In doing so, Gaga became the festival's youngest keynote speaker at age 27 and first woman to deliver the address in 15 years. Gaga says she got kudos on her performance from the CEO of festival sponsor Frito-Lay who called it "brilliant." The pop star also spoke candidly about the looks-driven music industry and offered a little insight on her outrageous costumes and behavior. She says her handlers' constant reminders for her to "just look beautiful" "poisoned" her to the point that she "wanted to look ugly all the time."
Gaga also balked at criticism about her last album not selling as well as her previous albums with a little dig at frequent chart topper Katy Perry. She says she's very proud of "ARTPOP's" sales and shouldn't be compared to Perry whose music she says is "completely different" than hers. Gaga's promising big things for her upcoming tour and the release of her much-talked about new video, which was filmed, in part at the Hearst Castle.