Michelle Obama On Justin Bieber: "I Would Pull Him Close"

(Undated) -- The First Lady is chiming in on Justin Bieber's latest string of headline-grabbing behavior. Mrs. Obama offered her advice to Justin's parents in a recent interview with Univision host Enrique Santos, showing some motherly compassion toward the pop star, who is facing various charges in Los Angeles, Miami and Toronto. She said if she were his parent, she "would pull him close" and "be very present in his life right now." The First Lady adds that she would dedicate her time to being there for him to "talk" and "figure out what's going on in his head" and "who's in his life." Mrs. Obama says Justin is "still a kid," and still "growing up."
She didn't, however, comment on when the White House would address the online petition calling for the singer's deportation. Press Secretary Jay Carney said last week that an official response would be coming "relatively soon."