Nikki Sixx Talks Seahawks, Super Bowl

(Los Angeles, CA) -- Nikki Sixx is hoping the Seattle Seahawks will cap a stellar football season the way he and Motley Crue are wrapping up 30 years of rock - on top. The rocker says he'll be rooting on the team from the city he grew up in during the Super Bowl.
Sixx says even though Seattle has a big defensive game, they'll need to play hard against the Denver Broncos and quarterback Peyton Manning who he calls "a monster." The bassist and his band just announced this week that they would be retiring after a long farewell tour, starting in July. Tickets for Motley Crue's final tour are on sale now.
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Nikki Sixx says he'll be rooting for his hometown team during the Super Bowl.
Nikki Sixx says while he's rooting for Seattle he believes they'll have a tough battle against the Denver Broncos.