Obama: I've Lived LBJ's Legacy

Obama: I've Lived LBJ's Legacy
(Austin, TX) -- President Obama says he's proof the Civil Rights Act of 1964 works.
Speaking today in Austin, Texas the President praised Lyndon B. Johnson for getting the legislation passed, but said he believes America has a "debt to pay" and people can't stop going forward. Obama told a crowd at a summit honoring the 50th anniversary of the civil rights legislation that rights have to be won through struggle and faith. He said America is a story of progress, no matter how imperfect its leaders.
Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have already given comments at the summit at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin. George W. Bush will give a speech later tonight.
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President Obama says LBJ's efforts to pass civil rights legislation set a new foundation for America.
Obama says America can't be complacent.
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