Police Say Gunman Dead, Five Injured

(Columbia, MD) -- Three people are dead after a shotgun-shooting inside a shopping mall in Maryland Saturday. Howard County police say the gunman is dead, though they've not been able to identify him or a motive.
Two employees of a skate store where the shooting started were killed. Five others were hurt, and have all been treated and released from the hospital. Police say the gunman had a large amont of ammunition and crude explosives on him. He apparently turned the shotgun on himself. Some federal authorities have reportedly said the shooting may have been a targeted murder-suicide but the police chief says that's purely speculation right now.
Additional audio:
Howard County Police Chief Bill McMahon says the shooting is a sign of the times.
McMahon says they've not confirmed a motive, despite leaks from other agencies.
McMahon says five other people have been treated for their injuries.