"Raging Bull" Copyright Case Before The U.S. Supreme Court

(Washington, DC) -- A complex copyright case over the boxing movie "Raging Bull" is going another round in the U.S. Supreme Court. The debate revolves around whether the plaintiff, Paula Petrella, waited too long to bring her copyright infringement lawsuit in 2009. Petrella's late father Frank co-wrote a book and screenplay about boxer Jake LaMotta, on whom the 1980 movie is based. She has been denied by two lower courts after lawyers representing MGM and Twentieth Century Fox successfully argued against the timeliness of her lawsuit.
According to "Variety," if the high court rules in Petrella's favor, the case will likely go back to a lower court to decide whether Petrella actually has an ownership stake in "Raging Bull," and whether she is entitled to any additional profits from the movie's re-release in various formats.