Seth Rogen Testifies At Alzheimer's Hearing

Seth Rogen Testifies At Alzheimer's Hearing
(Washington, DC) -- Seth Rogen is putting a celebrity face on the rising cost of Alzheimer's care. The Canadian actor, known for racy movies such as "Knocked Up" and "Pineapple Express," outlined his agenda on Capitol Hill Wednesday, with a comedic twist.
Rogen is a celebrity spokesman and fundraiser for the National Alzheimer's Association. Testifying at Wednesday's Senate hearing, the actor shared his personal story with dealing with the disease from which his mother-in-law suffers. Rogen and his wife have raised money for Alzheimer's research and support through their Hilarity For Charity fund, which also educates young people on the condition and encourages their involvement.
During his testimony, the actor found a few lighthearted exchanges with Iowa Senator Tom Harkin who informed the hearing that it may have been the first time in any congressional hearing that the words "Knocked Up" had been uttered. Rogen also joked that he was there because he was a huge fan of Netflix's political drama "House Of Cards" to which Harkin later said he was sorry Rogen had to unmask him as "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey.
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Senator Tom Harkin says Seth Rogen's appearance on Capitol Hill included a history making moment for Congressional hearings.
Seth Rogen outlines his agenda for his appearance on Capitol Hill Wednesday.
Seth Rogen pleads with legislators to continue to assist with Alzheimer's research and causes.
Senator Tom Harkin jokes that Seth Rogen may have inadvertently outed his true identity as the star of "House Of Cards."
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