The World Is Watching Nigeria

(Chicago, IL) -- The world is growing impatient with the situation in Nigeria, where a militant group is holding hundreds of teenage schoolgirls hostage. Operation Push leader Reverend Jesse Jackson says Africa has been an influence on terrorists.
The U.S. has sent a special team to help the Nigerian government find the missing girls. That team includes military advisers and FBI agents with expertise in hostage negotiations and criminal investigations. And for those closest to the situation, their arrival can't come soon enough. Earlier this week, the same group that abducted the 276 girls attacked a town used as a base by troops searching for the girls. More than 300 deaths were reported.
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Operation Push leader Reverend Jesse Jackson says the group that has abducted the 276 Nigerian schoolgirls is spreading terrorism throughout Africa.
Jackson says the crisis in Nigeria affects the United States.
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