Tom Brokaw Thankful For Resources During Cancer Treatment

(Undated) -- Veteran journalist Tom Brokaw knows he's lucky to have resources behind him while being treated for the blood cell cancer multiple myeloma.
On Thursday's "Late Show With David Letterman," Brokaw kept quiet about his cancer treatment except to reiterate that he's "pleased with the progress" of his treatment. While the news about his illness "got out" last month, he says he still plans to keep the matter as private as possible, which had been his original goal. After Letterman pointed out that he's managed to work through cancer treatment, Tom explained that writing and working has "been therapy" for him.
Meantime, Brokaw also weighed in on the Russian occupation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula. While the White House has announced a series of possible sanctions, Brokaw pointed out that the seemed rather weak and likely won't have much of an impact on the Russian economy. He adds that many people believe that Russian troops will be occupying Crimea for some time to come.
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Tom Brokaw says that his work has been therapy for him.
Tom Brokaw explains that some people believe that the world will have to get used to Russia's occupation of the Crimean peninsula.
Tom Brokaw says that the Syrian chemical weapons situation wasn't President Obama's finest hour.
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