Family Values Bracken Christian

Bracken Christian School

School Name:     Bracken Christian School

Address:              670 Old Boerne Rd.

                           Bulverde, Texas 78163

Phone:                (830) 980-3267 metro 

Grades:               K4 - 12th


Principal:             Jason Detty


2 Vouchers are available to attend Bracken Christian School

Grade Tuition Price Family Values Price
   K4 (1/2 Day) $4200 $2100
   Elementary School $6000 $3000
   Middle School $6100 $3050
   High School $6400 $3200




For 30 years, Bracken Christian School has been serving Christian families in Bulverde, Texas and the surrounding area by providing an excellent education for today, for tomorrow and for eternity.

Students at Bracken benefit from a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum supplemented by individualized offerings and personal attention, all imparted in keeping with a Biblical worldview, where Christ and His teachings are at the center of everything.

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Family Values means Faith, Love, Charity and The Golden Rule.

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