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The Broilmaster R3 Infrared Grill from
Cozy Outdoor Escapes

Retail Price: $1275
Family Values Price: $650

    • What Is The Broilmaster R3 Infrared Grill
    • * 695 Sq. In. of Total Cooking Area
      * Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Construction (Limited Lifetime Warranty)
      * Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grids (3-Levels) (Limited Lifetime Warranty)
      * Stainless Steel Control Panel
      * Stainless Steel Warming Rack (Limited Lifetime Warranty)
      * Choose Propane or Natural Gas
      * Broilmaster R3 and R3B Gas Grills are made in USA.

      Get restaurant results with steak, chops, fish, chicken pieces and more.
    • Infrared grilling sears foods quickly to lock in juice and flavor. After the initial sear,
    • the infrared energy cooks foods to perfection in minutes.

    • Unlike other IR models, these versatile Broilmaster grills allow up to 30-percent turndown on each independent burner for indirect cooking, slow-roasting, baking, pizza making, and warming.
      Super-duty stainless steel cooking grids offer three levels of adjustability, plus a separate warming rack offer even greater control over cooking temperatures. The multi-position lid stop adds yet another level of temperature control.

      To purchase The Broilmaster R3 Infrared Grill
    • from Cozy Outdoor Escapes
    • contact The Answer's/KSLR's Michael Payne at 210-526-3620.



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