930AM The Answer's Podcasts

930AM The Answer Podcasts

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Healthy By Nature with Marti Whittekin
Sponsored by
Rhonda's Nature's Way
Saturday 4-5pm

Military City USA Radio

Mark Frye & Col. Kelley Crooks 

Saturdays 0800 - 0900

Tech City USA

Cliff Zintgraff, Melody Crabb, & Scott Gray

Saturdays from 9-10am

San Antonio's Movers and Shakers

John Thurman, Bjorn Dybddahl, Scott Gray

and Johnathan Forsyth.

Saturdays from 10-11am


The List Radio Show

David and Brian Birdy 

Saturdays from 11am-12pm

Milberger's Gardening South Texas

Dr. Parsons, Dr. Finch, Mr. Glueck

Saturdays & Sundays from 12pm-2pm

WellMed Radio
Ron Aaron and Dr. Robin Eickhoff
Saturdays from 5-6pm

Old Timer's Radio Hour with Bill Soyars

Sundays from 4-5pm

Caregiver SOS On Air

Carol Zernial and Ron Aaron

Sundays from 6-7pm

sean azzaro

River City Community Church

 Pastor Sean Azzaro

 Sundays from 11:30am - Noon

 Living Your Best Life

Trinity Baptist Church with Pastor Les Hollon

Sundays at 8:30 AM

sean azzaro

Law Talk SA

 Bineham and Gillan

 Sunday at 5pm-6pm

 The Word On Investing

David Mitchell

Ask The Experts

Roy McDonald

Sundays from 2-4pm