Terms of The Family Values Half Price Tuition

Here's how it works:

  1. Learn about each of the participating schools and the specific grades that are available.
  2. If you are interested in purchasing a half-price tuition voucher, contact the specific school in which you are interested! Ask questions, take a tour, and if you choose, begin the application process! Ask them what the full tuition price is for the grade in which you are interested. Make sure you tell them you heard about them through the half price tuition offer on KSLR and 930AM The Answer!
  3. Only one is available.
  4. If you successfully call in to purchase the half price tuition voucher, you must charge the entire amount to your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover credit card, so make sure your balance or daily limit is set up accordingly so the total amount will clear!
  5. Once you have successfully purchased the voucher, immediately contact the school and complete the admissions process. If your child is not accepted the offer will be rescinded, your money will be refunded to the credit card to which it was charged, and the half-price tuition voucher will be given to another child! IMPORTANT: If you cannot move quickly to secure all enrollment requirements, then you should not purchase this voucher! Please contact the school to inquire about the requirements before you purchase the voucher! The school is not obligated to accept your child, even though you may have purchased the half price tuition voucher. No refunds will be given unless the school alerts KSLR/930AM The Answer that you completed the application process in due time but your child was not accepted. In order to meet this tight deadline, you will need to contact the school immediately upon purchasing the voucher and you will need to immediately complete the application process. You cannot delay the start of the process or you will not complete it (including acceptance)by the deadline. Each of these schools charges an application fee and no refunds will be given for application fees if your child is not accepted.
  6. There is a limit of one half-price tuition voucher per family. Vouchers are valid for tuition only for the 2013-2014 normal academic school year. All other fees and expenses are your responsibility. The voucher is non-transferable, and must be used for the specified grade and school year only and for the student for whom it was purchased.
  7. This offer is for new children only, that are not currently enrolled at the school offering the half price tuition voucher and who have not begun the application, enrollment, acceptance, or admissions process.

It's that simple! You are buying a full year's tuition at half the cost.

To learn more or to contact the participating schools, click a button above to visit their website. Be sure to read the “Terms of Agreement” below. For questions on the voucher program, please contact KSLR at (210)526-3620 or via email at


Each tuition voucher is valid for the tuition cost for attendance at the specified school for the 2014-2015 Fall through Spring academic year (not including summer school). All other costs of attending the school, including but not limited to application fees, books and supplies, uniforms, and fees to participate in sports or events, are not covered by the voucher and are the responsibility of the student and his or her parent or guardian. Only one voucher per school may be purchased or used by a household or family. Each voucher may only be used by a new student not enrolled at the specified school prior to May 31st, 2014. Purchase of a voucher does not guarantee admittance for a student to the specified school and the student and parent(s) must meet all school admission, attendance, and conduct requirements to enroll and attend throughout the school year. The voucher is not transferable and may be used only by a family or household member of the purchaser. The voucher is not returnable or redeemable for cash, except if a school confirms to KSLR/930AM The Answer that a prospective student with a voucher completed all applicable requirements but was not admitted to the school, in which case, upon request by the voucher purchaser, KSLR/930AM The Answer will refund the cost paid for the voucher. The voucher purchaser should consult with his or her tax advisor concerning the tax treatment of payment of tuition using the voucher.