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Truth For Life distributes the unique, expositional Bible teaching of Alistair Begg. Studying God’s Word each day, verse by verse, is the hallmark of this ministry. In a desire to share the good news of the Gospel without cost as a barrier, the entire teaching archive is available for free download and resources are available at cost with no markup.
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“Without Excuse” (Part 1 of 2)
God doesn’t grade on a curve or compare our sins and deeds to others’. Scripture teaches that no one’s “good enough” to pass God’s judgment by merit. Is that unfair? Find out why it’s actually merciful when you listen to Truth For Life with Alistair Begg. Romans 1:19–23

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Death in the City

By: Francis A. Schaeffer - Death in the City was originally written against the backdrop of the 1960s countercultural upheaval. Author Francis A. Schaeffer was a theologian and pastor who offered a simple response to the rejection of biblical principles seen in his day—a commitment to God’s Word as truth. This commitment is often a costly practice, but it is compassion for a world that is lost and dying without the Gospel. Death in the City makes a bold plea to believers to respond to the changing culture, not by hiding away, but by clearly and lovingly articulating that those who reject God will perish. 

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