Dr. Jerry Parsons and Dr. Calvin Finch

Dr. Jerry Parsons and Dr. Calvin Finch

Your landscape and garden beds can be a source of pride and beauty twelve months of the year here in South Texas… as long you select plants that thrive in our climate and use gardening techniques that optimize our tough soils.

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Celebrity horticulturalist Jerry Parsons has been the go-to source for gardeners and landscapers’ questions about growing in South Texas since 1974. Retired from the Texas AgriLife Extension Service in San Antonio, Jerry has used his entertaining and engaging personality to educate South Texan’s with solid and practical agricultural information on television, radio, newspapers, public appearance and workshops for an entire generation.

Jerry knows what he is talking about. Parsons was one of the original developers of the Texas SuperStar ® program and it was his genetic manipulation that gave us the variety of Texas bluebonnets that will sprout up on A&M Maroon.

You can tune into Jerry as he joins Milton Glueck and Dr. Calvin Finch, Director of Water Conservation and Technology at the Texas A&M University System, on the Gardening South Texas Radio Show on KLUP (AM 930) every Saturday and Sunday from Noon until 2:00pm.


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