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Mike Gallagher with Mike Gallagher

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Biden Makes Visit to Buffalo About Himself, but Trips All Over His Own Hypocrisy Trump-backed GOP candidate Ted Budd wins Senate primary in North Carolina Elon Musk Announces He’s Switching To Vote Republican Audit finds half of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are fake BLM used donations to lobby Congress to impeach Trump

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The Charlie Kirk Show with Charlie Kirk


Charlie Kirk is the next big thing in conservative talk radio and he's now hosting a daily radio show on the Salem Radio Network. The radio show can be heard on great talk radio stations all over the country.
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Dennis Prager Show with Dennis Prager

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The President, his party and the legacy media relentlessly conflate “white supremacy” and mainstream conservative thought. What is their motive? And will the American people be fooled? Plus, the Male/Female Hour with Alison Armstrong.

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