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The Sports Dime

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The Sports Dime brings you the hottest sports takes each and every show. Carolina Teague and Rudy Campos Jr will not hold back on their thoughts, making The Sports Dime a must listen at all times.

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About Rudy Campos Jr. & Carolina Teague

Rudy Campos Jr.
Rudy has been passionate for sports since his early childhood. Born and raised in San Antonio, Tx, he would watch every sporting event possible. From his San Antonio Spurs to watching NFL all day on Sundays with his dad, Rudy made it known he wanted to cover sports for a living. Becoming a diehard fan of every major sport, his passion grew stronger each season. Rudy credits his dad for becoming a San Francisco Giants fan, Tommy Nobis for becoming an Atlanta Falcons fan and Dean Smith for becoming a UNC Tar Heels fan. Rudy has made several appearances on local as well as national podcasts, all while maintaining his own brand know as Sweep The League. Making one in studio appearance with a local sports radio show but a frequent caller on others in the past, Rudy used these platforms to work hard to achieve his goal of being on the air weekly.

When not covering sports, Rudy loves spending time with his wife and daughter as well as his family. As an avid bowler, he loves be around his bowling family as well. Never shy away from Rudy when it comes to talking about sports. His takes are what makes everyone tune in all the time!!

Carolina Teague
Carolina has been passionate about sports from a young age growing up in the south side of Chicago and watched every Chicago Bulls game during their 90’s championship run. In her early teen years, her family relocated to San Antonio where she has resided since. Her passion with debating sports against others in life benefitted her tremendously when she decided to try out for a local sports radio competition and won. After beating over 150 people for a spot on the air, Carolina was able to bring her passion for sports to the forefront. Carolina has grown fond of local boxing, a huge community in San Antonio. They have embraced her completely and she has been able to interview two boxing world-champions, Mario Barrios and Joshua Franco. She is also a member of Galvanize life, a group of women in sports media, and has been able to interview Buffalo Bills rookies under the guidance of Emmy-award winning reporter Laura Okmin. Carolina is an intern at Sports2nite, a local media platform supporting women and has allowed Carolina to cover the San Antonio Spurs. She also writes for, a sports blog website that allows women in sports media to showcase their writing abilities. Carolina has filled in at sports radio countless times at other stations, been a guest in various nationwide podcasts, and does her own livestream to interact with the people she loves the most, her listeners.

Carolina’s biggest passion is in sports media and is excited to host a show with Rudy Campos. She will be the first woman to host a sports radio show in San Antonio since 2011. 

Besides those things, Carolina loves spending quality time with her fiancé and two kids, cooking YouTube recipes, and exercising.

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