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Minneapolis City Council plans to defund the police

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, the Minneapolis City Council plans to defund the city's police department.

According to, "Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council pledged their support for 'dismantling' the city's police department, representing a veto-proof majority of the 13 council members."

The city has been the home of protests since Floyd's death on May 25th.  Since then, the officer who kneeled on Floyd for close to nine minutes has been charged along with the officers who stood by as the brutal scene unfolded. Since then, protests have continued nationwide with thousands of people continuing to stand up for justice reform.

Some protesters nationwide have called for the defunding of police but the Minneapolis City Council now plans to actually do it although the specifics of the implementation plan remain to be fleshed out. 

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, a progressive advocate for changing the police, was recently booed out of a rally after noting that he didn't believe in defunding the police department

Leaders in other large cities, including ones in New York and Los Angeles, have announced plans to cut budgets for their police departments.

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